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Sealing Water Lines in Porcerax II with Dichtol

Before applying Dichtol to waterlines in Porcerax, it is imperative that all EDM fluids and other cutting oils be completely removed from the pores of the steel. Failure
to do so greatly increases the risk of water leaks due to the inability of the Dichtol to leach into the pores; the contaminants will occupy the pores of the steel or will
prohibit the Dichtol from bonding to the surfaces.

Cleaning Procedures Before Sealing Water Lines:

Step 1. Heat the block of Porcerax II to 300°F for at least (1) one hour. This will open the pores and thin the fluids, allowing most of the trapped material to wick
from the steel.

Step 2. After cooling to room temperature, soak the Porcerax II insert in an ultrasonic cleaner (built for flammable solvents) filled with acetone. These units have spark-proof
switches, water chillers and are temperature monitored. This is the only recommended type cleaner for cleaning Porcerax II.

Clean for approximately 1 to 4 hours, depending on insert size, back flushing with filtered shop air and changing the acetone after every hour. When the acetone remains clear the insert should be clean.

Step 3. Dry with filtered shop air, and let stand overnight.

Note: In addition to the other cleaning methods, it may be necessary to back-flush the Porcerax II inserts with acetone, using air pressure, in order to thoroughly clean the inserts. Care should be taken when using solvents under pressure. 

Note: Any hot substance introduced to acetone will cause a flash fire! Make absolutely sure the Porcerax II block is at room temperature!

Applying the two types of Dichtol sealant to Porcerax II waterlines.

Step 4. Cover all water line inlets but one with a suitable tape. After tape has been applied, stand piece on edge and fill water line through the one remaining open line with Dichtol "WFT" for the 7 micron size. Use Dichtol Macro for 20 micron size. Apply tape over the one remaining water line inlet.

Step 5. Slowly rotate the piece in all directions to insure the Dichtol is evenly distributed throughout the water line circuit. Let stand for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6. Remove the piece of tape from the water line where Dichtol "WFT" was first poured into the insert. Pour the Dichtol from the insert back into the container for reuse.

Step 7. Let stand empty 2 hours.

Step 8. Re-tape the original hole, and uncover a hole on the opposite side of the insert.

Step 9. Pour in Dichtol "Macro" for all micron sizes.

Step 10. Repeat steps 5 & 6.

Step 11. Allow 24 hours drying time before applying water pressure to the piece.

Note: Dichtol that has cured can only be removed with Methylene Chloride, Acetone or Dichtol Remover.

Note: Dichtol can be obtained from Devitt Machinery, Aston, PA. Tel: (610)494-2900.

Diamant Metallplastic is the worldwide operating manufacturer of Dichtol for the impregnation of micropores. For more information on Dichtol, visit their website:


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