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Porcerax II is a sintered, porous metal with porosity in the range of 20 to 30% by volume. A system of interconnected pores with an average diameter of 7 or 20 micron is dispersed throughout the Porcerax II material.

Using Porcerax II in appropriate areas, eliminates gas buildup, reduces injection pressure, lowers cycle times, gloss levels and substantially reduces scrap and reject rates.

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About International Mold Steel

International Mold Steel offers a unique line of pre-hardened mold steel and cold work die steels to improve the quality and reduce the cost of creating molds and dies.

Our mission is to provide the most technologically advanced line of pre-hardened mold steels and cold work die steels and porous aluminum thermoforming mold materials -- to reduce time to market, reduce mold construction costs and reduce down stream maintenance costs.

Located in Florence KY, our 30,000 square foot facility is centrally situated to ship our North American and global customers.

We offer more than raw materials -- we provide solutions to all of your molding challenges. No Company knows more about steel selection, mold design, machining, and thermoforming, texturing, polishing, welding or mold coatings, than International Mold Steel, just ask our customers.

We have hundreds of innovative mold & die solutions, many of which were developed for a host of Fortune 500 companies including: General Motors, FORD, Apple Computer, Titleist, DELL, Boeing, General Electric, and Motorola, to name a few.

We now support customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia on a variety of diverse projects.

Our ability to support you globally is due to our strategic alliances with literally, the best mold steel company in the business.

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